Now available:
Michael Dieterich, Rüdiger Marmulla, Erich Schneider, Dagmar Janssen, Lorethy Starck:
Church in Progress - A new
developmental concept for leaders and workers
With a Foreword by Tim Hill
ISBN 978-3-943815-05-4 

Upon reading the title of this book, Church in Progress, I was reminded of chapter 29 of the Book of Acts. The Book of Acts tells of the work of the Holy Spirit operating through people (the Apostles); supernaturally enabling them with unique gifts and abilities to build the kingdom of God throughout the known world. I know that in the Bible there are only 28 chapters to this book, but that is because the next chapter – chapter 29 – is presently being written. You and I are currently living in chapter 29. In this new chapter, the Holy Spirit is still actively at work, operating through people who not only recognize their unique gifts, but also apply themselves to develop and learn other vital skills outside their primary gifting in order to be better equipped to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.

Utilizing the combined expertise and experiences of an educational scientist, a psychologist, a consultant psychologist, a doctor, a president of a non-denominational church, and a pastor, Church in Progress is a useful tool that helps identify personality patterns and internal giftedness with an eye to motivating and empowering people to greater fruitfulness in the body of Christ. The practical steps provided in this book promote growth and help identify the best place to position people as “living stones.” They provide an objective means of measurement for determining the most suitable place in which to function so that maximum effectiveness in the on-going mission of the church can be achieved.

John V. Morgan, Pastor, Regency Church, Jacksonville, FL, USA